Frank’s Fax Facts and Reviews

Vol.. XIV No. 16

Sunday, July 14, 2015

       Let’s just forget that the two last weeks never happened: OK? For me, to call the time abominable would be like calling the Black Plague a small inconvenience!

       I got off to a shaky beginning Monday morning, when I took quite a fall in Wal-Mart’s parking lot: It was misting rain, and after parking, I went to the back and got my USM umbrella, and while attempting to close the door (which is just out of my reach) I lost my balance; and down I fell, with a sickening right elbow which was a bloody mess. I had attracted a small crowd, including the nicest “older gentleman” who just happened to work at the store: he took charge, and sent inside for paper towels and a Band Aid with which the clean and protect my poor old elbow. Then he walked me inside, where he got my motorized shopping cart, and in all of this TLC, I totally forgot to find out his name! I want to tell him just how much his kindness had renewed my confident in the way the world is moving. I did tell him that he is not only a gentleman and a scholar; but one of the surviving “Good Samaritans.” It momentarily restored my faith in my fellow man!


Old Movie Review

Ghost Busters (1984 Columbia)

       When this made its debut, I was overwhelmed with how really hysterical the entire film was! And now, after not seeing anything even close to its originality and genius, I can only feel sadness (as I do when I see an MGM Technicolor Musical), as I always cry and tell myself that, sad as it is, we will never see its likes again.

       If this is not top quality film making, I’ll eat my USM hat!

       What the future of Hollywood has in store for us, we will see (only you could not force me to watch them) the mega-million dollar inanity of the onslaught of cartoons (‘cutesy’ always) and dreadful so-called action films. Plenty of filthy language (and not much more) wallowing, and remakes of last year’s worst flops!

       As far as I am concerned, Hollywood could just as well be done without completely. Turn those famous lights off now!

       Thank God for Hollywood’s having the good sense to release these old gems from time to time. I found myself almost choking to death I was laughing so long and hard! This really IS very funny stuff: Remember when they got “Squished”? (I cannot think of their word, which is infinitely funnier!

A Sicilian in Scandinavia!

       Having seen Hans Christian Andersen many times, and finding Danny Kaye only improving each time I saw it, it has long been one of my all-time favorites: right up there with GWTW, Little Women and the likes. That was just how impressed I was after being in Copenhagen for a truly magical week!

The dormitory room worked beautifully for my week in this Utopia: I never encountered another person at any time that I used the facilities at all (and I did use them).

       Time has obscured the details of my week, but I remember that I was never once bored! There was always something interesting to be done. And I still remember the pang I felt when it was announced that the side-trip to Norway and Sweden was leaving that morning. Oh, well, I am not the type to sit and brood because I did not get to do something that I am sure I would have enjoyed.

       And, now, after all these years, it seems that I had barely returned to Karlsruhe and the Historical Division (which I right away changed to the Hysterical Division) when it was time to report to the nearest city to “pick up” my prisoner, and guard him all the way to the ship that was to bring me back to the wonderful United States!

       On this return trip, I once again got invited to participate in a musical, and much as I disliked repeating myself, I again used Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude! I had not touched a piano for two years: it made me really determined to finish my Doctorate when I was once again a civilian.

Cat Fax

“You can’t own a cat. The best you can do is to be partners.”

Sir Harry Swanson

Old Movie Trivia Questions

1.     What two male film stars filled the German air with action in Where Eagles Dare?

2.     Who was the sexy lady in Ghostbusters? Hint: She also lit up a monster series.

3.     Who got top billing in Ghostbusters?

4.     The Women featured every MGM female star known to man. What was the surprise about the film?

5.     Was Greta Garbo one of The Women?

6.     One of Paramount’s funniest comedies of the 30’s was The Lady Eve. Who played this role?

7.     What handsome star was a clumsy oaf, always falling over furniture, etc.

8.     Who directed this gem of a comedy?

9.     Where was most of the film set?

10.  Who was Eve’s monacle-wearing father?



Sunday, July 14, 2013